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Deetail - Wild West

The Wild West figures and sets consisted of four different styles; Cowboys, Apache Indians, 7th Cavalry and Mexicans. The first of which were introduced in 1971.
7th Cavalry
The mounted cavalry were the first to be released in 1971. They consisted of six different figures. The foot soldiers were introduced in 1978 and consisted of six figures.

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The first release in 1972 was set of six foot Indians (Series 1) and six mounted Indians. The foot apache's followed in 1976 (until 1988) the mounted Apache's in 1977. The final installment was the six foot Indians released in 1982 (Series 2), however, two of the poses were taken from the original (1st) series.
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The first set of foot cowboys were released 1972 (series 1) and consisted of six different cowboy poses. In 1979 (series 2) they released a further six foot cowboys. Finally, in 1983 they released a third series, however, two of the poses were taken from 1st series.

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The foot Mexicans were released in 1976 and the mounted figures one year later, 1977. Both were deleted in 1978. The Mexican figures are one of if not the hardest figures to acquire across the whole Deetail line.

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