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Deetail - American Civil War

The figures are the same but for the union and confederate flag carrier, the flag being different. The mounted figures were produced between 1971 and 1998. Three of the figures have plug in arms (618, 622 and 623).
Foot     Mounted     Sets
Officer with sword (reference 618)
1.1 Union officer
1.2 Confederate officer
Both have plug-in arms.

Soldier carrying flag (reference 619)
2.1 Confederate
2.2 Union
The Union and Confederates carry different flags.

Soldier carrying rifle (reference 620)
3.1 Confederate
3.2 Confederate

Soldier with Bugle (reference 621)
4.1 Union
4.2 Confederate

Soldier with sword (reference 622)
5.1 Confederate
5.2 Confederate
5.3 tba

Soldier with Pistol (reference 623)
4.1 Union
4.2 Confederate
Has plug in arm.

Foot     Mounted     Sets