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Deetail - Task Force

These figures were introduced in 1980 to replace US Army (reference 612-617) and deleted at end of 1989. The figures were re-introduced in 1993 in two colour schemes (not sure which two came first) with a third added in 1994 then deleted in 1995. The other two schemes were deleted in 1996 then re-introduced in 1998.
Shooting rifle
Reference 971.
1.1 Arctic Task Force
1.2 UN Task Force

Standing with bazooka
Reference 972.
2.1 Arctic Task Force
2.2 UN Task Force
2.3 'Brown Hats' Task Force

Walking with rifle
Reference 973.
3.1 Arctic Task Force
3.2 UN Task Force

Standing machine gun
Reference 974.
4.1 Arctic Task Force
4.2 UN Task Force

with rifle and grenade
Reference 975.
5.1 Arctic Task Force
5.2 UN Task Force
5.3 'Brown Hats' Task Force

Attacking with bayonet
Reference 976.
6.1 Arctic Task Force
6.2 UN Task Force
6.3 'Brown Hats' Task Force