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Space Series

The space series were intoduced in 1981 and deleted in 1987.

The first sets (released in 1981) were the Stargards (humans) and Stargard accessories (Space Craft, Space Cannon and Space landing Pad). The Starguards were moulded in yellow, with yellow accessories. The Space Aliens were release one year later (1982). The Space Aliens were black, with green accessories.

Stargards 1981 to 1984/85 Gallery    

Space Aliens 1982 to 1984/5 Gallery    

In 1983, the Stargard Cyborgs and Alien Mutants were introduced. There were the same models as the Starguard with different heads, colour schemes and attachments.

Stargard Cyborgs 1983 to 1984/85 Gallery    

Space Mutants 1983 to 1984/5 Gallery    

In 1985 the colour schemes were changed and re-branded. The yellow Stargards figures were changed to white and re-named Star Force. The black Space Aliens were changed to orange and renamed Star Raiders. The accessories also changed colour from Yellow and Green to White and Red (Force) or White and Blue (Raders).

Star Force 1985 to 1987 Gallery    

Star Raiders 1985 to 1987 Gallery    

Terror Raiders 1985 to 1987 Gallery    

Box Sets Gallery