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Super Deetail - Paratroopers

The Super Deetail Paratroopers were introduced in 1978. The picture on the right comes from 'Britains 1978 catalogue.

The Paratroopers were released in 1978. There were originally six figures that were featured in Britians 1978 cataolgue. The four figures below were only produced for a very short period (months) of time and are the rarest figures across in the complete Deetail range.

The next two figures were part of the original six but are much more common as they were continued to be .

In the Britains 1979 catalogue the six Paratroopers disapeared completely, only to return in Britains 1980 catalogue, with only four figures, two of them new figures, four of them removed and never to be seen again.

The two new figures introduced in 1980, with two original figures from above).

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