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Super Deetail - SAS

In 1983 the SAS and Marine Commandos were introduced, they were deleted in 1988. These figures are the same as figures as Paratroopers, just different colour scheme. The Paratroopers, red beret, green bases, the SAS grey beret and grey base.

Paratroopers     British SAS      Marine Commandoes     
Click to enlarge Standing firing rifle (reference 935).

Click to enlarge Standing firing rocket launcher (reference 936).

Click to enlarge Standing throwing grenade (reference 965).

Click to enlarge Standing firing pistol (reference 966).

Click to enlarge Box set 6336
Released in 1983.
Seven figures.

Click to enlarge Bubble pack 7285
Released in 1985 (first seen in catalogue, may have been released earlier).
Two figures.