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Super Deetail - World War II

New modern Super Deetail figures. These figures are available to buy today (2016) and in the UK are priced around £22 (new) for a box set (six figures).
I was in Harrods recently and discovered the sell the Super Deetail plastic and metal Britains collections, however, you won't find it on their website. There are some UK vendors where you can buy on-line, however, one site I did check had a £10 international shipping cost (thats because the company that makes them is based in Iowa in the US).
The figures are made in China. On the base of the metal stand (in the darker shade of green compared to original Deetail range) reads "Britains 1971 Made in China".
New Super Deetail WWII German Infantry Set No.1 (box Set 52007)

Super Deetail British Regular Army (box Set 52008)

New Super Deetail WWII U.S. Infantry Set No.1 (box Set 52009)

New Super Deetail WWII U.S. Infantry Set No.1 (box Set 52010)

New Super Deetail WWII Japanese Infantry Set No.1 (box Set 52011)