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Super Deetail - Medievel

These are the new Super Deetail medievel knights produced by William Britains.

These figures are available to buy in UK today (April 2016) with new sets are priced around £17-28 (including postage) for a set six figures. They are also sold in larger sets, on William Britains website they are sold in sets of eleven, and on britains bachmann webiste there is a set for sale for £85 (48 figures).
When looking to buy these figures, it's worth looking around because the prices do vary considerably.

About the Figures
I noticed that on the William Britains website the mounted figures have been moved to the archive folder, history would suggest this won't be the last we see of these figures, maybe just a break from production.
The figures are made in China, the still have a metal base as per original Deetail, however the base is a darker green, the base reads "Britains 1971 Made in China".
New Super Deetail Knights Foot (175852A)

New Super Deetail Knights (the original Turks) Foot (175852A)

New Super Deetail Knights Mounted (Reference 17851A)