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Deetail - Napoleonic

The Napoleonic range was produced from 1974 to 1979. The figures are some of the most sought after across the whole Deetail range.

The Napoleonic War was fought for 22 years (1793 to 1815).
Napoleon was a brilliant man, a general by age of 26 and Emperor at 30. He was strategic genius of the battlefield and excellent politician.
In 1805 during the Battle of Trafalgar Lord Nelson destroyed the French and Spanish Mediterranean fleets to put an end to Napoleon's invasion hopes. After Napoleon's Trafalgar defeat he sought to destroy Britain's foreign trade (in 1806) income by forbidding all countries under his control to trade with Britain. Britain fought back by seizing any ships bound for French ports.
In summer of 1812 Napoleon invaded Russia, he retreated in the winter and it cost the lives of 450,000 French troops, this most certainly cost him the Empire.
The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 sealed Napoleon’s fate. He died in 1821, exiled in St.Helena.
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