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History of Britains Knights (from 1973)

The Deetail Medievel knights and Turks were introduced in 1973. There were a total of 24 figures, six silver mounted knights, six silver foot knights (or dismounted as they are referred to in the catalogue), six mounted turks and finally six foot turks.

There were also seven box sets released in 1973 (Box references: 7760, 7747, 7757, 7746, 7756, 7754, 7744). Box set 7744 shown here.

In 1975 two new box sets were released (7755 and 7745).
In 1977 a new box set appeared (7766), it wasn't marked as new, but it wasn't in any previous catalogues.

In 1978 six new dismounted figures were released (known collectively as 7730 or second series Silver Knights). A new box set was also introduced (7734), plus three new bubble packs (7732, 7742 and 7743).

In 1984 a third series of mounted and dismounted 'Deetail' knights were manufactured which were an amalgamation of Deetail and Swoppet knights. In the Britains 1984 catalogue they are referred to as '15th Century Knights'. The figures were two part, body and legs and could be swapped (hence, deetail swoppets) to make many different poses. The top half of the figure were used for both the mounted and unmounted figures. There were also two new box sets (7726 and 7728), plus a new bubble pack (7288).

In 1985, the mounted and dismounted Black Knight figures were released. The dismounted black knight figures were the same figures as 2nd series Silver Knights in black plastic. The mounted figures were same figures as mounted 1st Series Silver knights but in black plastic. The turks were also made available in same black plastic as opposed to the previously navy blue plastic. Two new Box sets (7766, 7768) were also released.

In 1986 the Knights all the Medievel knights were rebranded as 'Knights of the Sword'. The black knights and Turks were renamed to the Storm knights, and three new accessories were released, Balista (box reference 7786 with four storm knights) and Catapult (Box reference 7788, with four storm knights) and Medievel Castle (reference 7791). The 15th Century knights were renamed as Silver Knights (along with the original Silver knights) and marked as new in the catalogue. There were six new box sets (7774,7775,7776,7777,7778,7780).

In 1987 the dismounted Shield Knights were introduced and a new accesory, a siege tower (reference 7789).

In 1988 the mounted Banner Knights were introduced, which are effectively the Shield knights on horses.

In 1989 the mounted Power Knights were introduced, with the catalogue descriing them as "The Power Knights represent a new concept in action figures, featuring pull-back action.". There were five new box sets introduced featuring these power knights (7751, 7752, 7753, 7760, 7761). There were also eight new Box sets introduced for existing knights (7785, 7786, 7767, 7768, 7762, 7763, 7764, 7785), and the a new accessory (7792), Lion castle.

In 1990 the Power knight dragon was introduced, plus ten new box sets (7748, 7741, 7742, 7743, 7744, 7745, 7754, 7746, 7755, 7758, 7757. The Power knights counter pack was also introduced (7758).

In 1991 a new castle was introduced, Knights of Sword Castle set (7793). It is also worth noting that all the knights featured in 1991 catalogue had oval bases. The deetail range were moved to China in 1991.

In 1992 two new Power knight sets were released (7759, 7769).

In the 1993 a series of Knights were introduced called the 'Champions'. The knights have moveable arms, bodies and heads. On the base of the figures it reads, 'Britains' '1992', 'Made in China'. They were deleted in 1998. There are four different heads, three torso's, four legs and three different arms. The knights below are a selection. In the catalogue, the knights are pictured with rectangle bases, but the folowing year they are pictured on the oval bases. I don't know if any were produced on the rectangle bases.

In 1994 only one new set was released, the Medievel Jousting Set (7794) featuring Power knights.

In 1995 six new sets was released (7724, 7725, 7726, 7727, 7728, 7729).

Sometime in 2000+ the Super Deetail knights were introdued. Sets (17852a, 17851a).