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History of William Britain/Britains Ltd. Figures

In 1893 William Britain Jr. invented the process of hoolow casting in lead and this process revolutionized the production of toy soldiers. Britains Toy Soldiers became the industry standard and market leader for many years.
The company, Britains Ltd was incorporated in 1907 and reamained family controlled up until 1984. The firm employed 450 people in 1931 and were producing twenty millions models a year.

History of Deetail Figures

The first Deetail figures were produced in 1971 when Britains began phasing out its plastic Herald Miniatures that had been produced in Hong Kong since 1966. Hong Kong Herald ceased operations in 1976.
The Deetail figures, with there distinctive (mostly) green metal rectanglular base were moulded in PVC plastic rather than polythene as this allowed them to produce more complex poses.
The first figures chosen for Deetail were World War II American and German soldiers. Sculptor Rod Cameron rented uniforms from Berman's and Nathan's theatrical costumes with Cameron giving model Les Harden his air rifle to pose with.

Super Deetail

In 1976 Britains developed Super Deetail, an over moulding process where different coloured plastics came together in one figure. The first of these were a set of modern paratroopers in red berets.


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Key Designers / Sculptors

Rod Cameron - French and British Infantry
Norman Sillman - French and British cavalry
George Ford - Scots Guards