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Question 1
When were the first deetail figures produced?
Answer: The first figures produced were the American and German World War II figures in 1971. If you look at the base of a deetail figure it has this date on all bases regardless of when it was made because it is the date f the Deetail copyright.

Question 2
What is difference between Deetail and Super Deetail?
Answer: Britains Deetail figures were made from PVC plastic, Super Deetail figures involved an over molding process that allowed different coloured plastics to be combined to produce one figure.

Question 3
What is relevance of Peter Cole reference?
Answer: Peter Cole wrote the book 'An Unauthorised History of Herald & Britains Plastic Figures'. In the book Mr. Cole provide's an Id for each and every figure, I've used this reference in my website to avoid confusion when referencing figures.

Question 4
What figures are the most difficult to buy?
Answer: The mounted Mexicans (wild west) were only produced from 1977 until 1978 and are one the most attainable rare sets. These figures are by no means rare, you will find them on ebay, however, they tend to go for much higher prices than many of the other sets. The foot Mexicans were available from 1977 until 1978 and also fetch a premium. The Napoleonic (British and French) are also a very popular set that collectors are happy to pay more for, they were in the shops much longer than the Mexicans (1974-79) but they are in many people's opinion the finest models of the Deetail range. There are a few figures that are extremely rare that are unlikely to ever come up on ebay unless by accident, one example would be WWII US infantry set that was produced with maroon bases, only a thousand or so of these were ever produced and as such are extremely rare and valuable.

Question 1
Who are DSG?
Answer: DSG is Toy Soldier company located in Argentina that have some of the original Britains Deetail and Britains Herald moulds that were sent to Argentina in the eighties.

Question 2
Who can I tell the difference between DSG and original Deetail figures?
Answer: You can check their website (http://www.dsgplastictoysoldiers.com).

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