Deetail - Wild West - 1st Series Mounted Cowboys

The mounted cowboys were produced from 1972 until 1998. The figures 673, 675 and 676 appear to be much more common than the other three going by the number of times they come up on ebay. There are at least two color schemes.
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Mexican cowboy with rifle and pistol
Reference 673
Not to be confused with one of the very rare mounted Mexican mounted set of six. You will often see this advertised as a Mexican on ebay in an attempt to get some poor newbie to overpay for what is a very common figure.

Cowboy with rifle at waist
Reference 674.

Cowboy firing pistol
Peter Cole reference 675.

Cowboy with lasso
Very few of the cowboys have original lasso. Reference 676.

Cowboy with pistol and money bag
Reference 677.

Cowboy with pistol
Peter Cole reference 678.