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Welcome to Britains Toy Soldier

As a young boy I had hundreds of toy soldiers, the majority of which were airfix, but my favorites were the Britains Deetail silver Knights and Turks. As my childhood disappeared, so did my soldiers, sold long before ebay came into existence and consigned to memory up until my good wife stumbled upon an abandoned Apache tribe in a charity shop. The Apache's where of course meant for my children but I felt they were far to precious to waste on them. Interest rekindled, I started to buy some more and quickly realised I didn't have a clue what I was looking for, or what was a fair price, which is what has led to this website.

Private Collector - Deetail

As a private collector, my collection started with Wild West and Medieval figures, mainly because they were in my childhood collection. My collection has now expanded to across all era's except for space and non-military figures. I haven't achieved it yet, but my aim is to have a complete set of every figure across all series, much like many other collectors out there.

Private Collector - Super Deetail

In progress.

Private Collector - New Metal Britains

I recently purchased a set of 92 Metal Britains which I beleive were produced around 1997.

Private Collector - Other

I also collect Timpo figures. More about this soon.